Education Training Lessons

Education is a broad term for many different things we do here at Spirit Horse Ranch.

All About Horses: this is an afterschool program for grade school children in our local schools to expose them to the wonders of the horse. This program is designed to get children outside and moving, to use the horses in an indirect way to help teach the children the benefits of proper exercise and nutrition. To create a healthy living mindset. To help stop "nature deficit disorder" and to help children who struggle with ADHD.

Equine Education: Roadmap to Safety

There is so much more to riding a horse than signing up for "riding lessons". We start with groundwork. Learn how to work with horses safely on the ground, learn the horses body language. Infuse sense of respect and partnership. Everything needed to prepare for getting in the saddle. Then education can continue in the saddle. Our goal is to develop the proper relationship/partnership with the animal and not just learn how to "control" it.

We will have classes on the care and maintenance of horses along with proper feeding and health concerns.

Current horse owners that may need help can get a tailored training class based on what they need help with. Helping people helps the horses.

We can also assist people who want to buy a horse make the correct purchase taking into consideration what they want to do and their ability. Too many times people buy the wrong horse because it is "pretty" and they get in serious trouble. And it is not the horse's fault but in many cases they will be blamed.