Activities to empower and heal through horsemanship

There has been extensive studies done and real evidence found on the power of horses to heal.

Men, women and children afflicted with emotional damage are healing and making dramatic recoveries by working with and establishing a relationship with a horse. Remarkable results and lasting healing is being achieved with Veterans, at risk youth, those fighting addictions, autism and children with ADHD, to name a few.

Being outside and interacting with horses is one of the best ways to prevent and eliminate "nature-deficit disorder" in our young children. The horses will inspire them to learn, grow and become active and healthy as they help teach valuable life lessons to create responsible adults.

Researchers have also found that seniors with Dementia, Alzheimer's or traumatic brain injury are benefiting from spending time with horses. The study showed more seniors were engaged, became more active awake and excited and also gave improved mobility.

In some way, horses can help heal each and every one of us!